Windscreen Chip Repairs

Did you know that if you have a stone chip on your windscreen that is no larger than a $1 coin (this size includes the spears branching out from the stone chip), is 5cm from any outer edge of your windscreen and is not in the driver’s line of vision, it may be repairable……

Cover the damage on the outside of the windscreen as soon as possible with a saver patch to keep the stone chip clean and dry to improve the cosmetic quality of the repair.

Get the chip repaired as soon as possible as any changes in temperature and certain movements of your vehicle increase the chances of a spear spreading leaving a full replacement windscreen the safest option.

If you are unsure if your stone chip is fixable, pop into our workshop and see one of our friendly staff for further advice.

Chip Repair replacement
Chip Repair replacement

Windscreen Replacement

We offer an instore or onsite replacement service, depending on what features your vehicles windscreen has. If you have a vehicle with ADAS technology we are only able to offer instore appointments, most other vehicles can be done onsite if required.
Do you need to replace your windscreen?

You may need to replace your windscreen if

There may be other reasons why we recommend replacing your windscreen. Call in today so that we can inspect your windscreen to advise accordingly.

We use only quality glass compliant with Australian and international standards.

Depending on your vehicle, your windscreen may need recalibration once the windscreen has been replaced. We can recalibrate most vehicles in-store. See our ADAS tab for more information.

windscreen replacement

Body Glass

Is your side window or rear window broken? We can replace these for you. We have access to a vast variety of body glass for most vehicles. We will use a powerful vacuum to remove as much shattered glass as we can find from your vehicle. A technician will fit your new piece of body glass, ensuring it functions correctly.

Canopy Glass

Has a piece of your canopy glass spontaneously combusted? Or met its demise in a mowing mishap?

We can help source and replace the glass. Call Us Today